Thermal Transfer and Direct Thermal Labels

About This Project

There are two types of thermal labels direct thermal and thermal transfer. We offer both these types of labels.

Direct thermal uses a more expensive base stock but is a lower cost label because it does not require a ribbon when printing. The printed image will fade over time and will not tolerate direct sunlight or high temperatures. Direct thermal labels are predominately used where the shelf life of a label is relatively short.

Thermal transfer uses a less expensive base stock but a ribbon is required for printing. Thermal transfer labels are tougher, will last longer and are as not sensitive to light or heat.
We offer a variety of blank thermal transfer labels for all brands of thermal printers. We also supply Thermal Transfer Ribbons.

There are many different stocks that are able to be printed on using thermal transfer printers, so whatever your label is being applied to and however many you require we can make a label to suit you.

We can also print a high quality base label with your branding and common information on each label which can be used for an entire product range and as you require the labels we can overprint the additional text (i.e. batch numbers, expiry dates, product names etc) for the various types of products or batches of products or you require.

Sizes can be custom made to your order or use a size from our extensive range of existing die sizes.

Contact us to find out more about our labels or use our online quote request page and let us send you the best price available.


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